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Friday, 8 March 2013

12 Simple (But Potentially Powerful) Ideas To Get Ahead In Business

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The continuous global news cycle has put information in business leaders' hands as never before, and that's both for the better and, at times, for the worse.

Real-time information about markets and industries and innovations gives us the business intelligence we may need to seize on opportunities. Yet it also prompts some, from the view of one keen banking executive, to consistently over-react to any one piece of news and allow it to paralyze our decision-making and obscure commitments we might otherwise have seen the need for quite clearly.

So what to do about this tendency toward news-fed, knee-jerk reactions? And how might we achieve superior business performance and growth? Consider these 12 points, any one of which might provide the leverage, experience or evidence you need to move boldly in business, and beyond:
  1. Engage your customer - deeper, more consistently, with your best people and with their business objectives in mind. Don't let your objectives or limitations impede this customer focus.
  2. Innovate - shrug off the naysayers. Explore. Push. Collaborate. Learn.
  3. Challenge yourself - it is in finding your best self that you reveal the best in others. Use this to your advantage inside and out.
  4. Reward and promote others - the more you help others get ahead, the more you'll put yourself ahead.
  5. Challenge convention - remember that just because something has always been done a certain way doesn't mean it can't be done better, and with greater rewards, moving forward.
  6. Listen more - more, and more intently. You may be missing important opportunities if you're doing most of the talking.
  7. Build your network - just don't be lulled into thinking you've already connected with everyone you should know. You simply haven't met some of the people you really ought to know.
  8. Keep an open mind - closed-mindedness kills more executive careers than any other fault.
  9. Be a 'servant leader' - the best leaders never lose sight of the notion that they are called to lead through service to others.
  10. Don't get stuck behind your desk or computer screen - it's amazing how a sedentary business day, which drags into a sedentary week, and on into months and years can shorten our lives and prevent us from seeing what's most important in life. Get out, literally. Get outdoors and sharpen your view of what's really important to you in business and in life, too.
  11. Make a real difference - at the end of the day, what have you really accomplished? Ask yourself this question and it may just refocus your energy, your drive, and your resources to apply them for real good. Doing good for others - especially the less fortunate - is good business.
  12. Be a force of positivity - let others be uplifting in and through their interactions with you. Sure, things may not be going your way, but don't betray that on your face or in your attitude.
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