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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Why Firing A Misfit Executive Is Nearly As Important As Hiring The Best

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Hiring. Firing. Inspiring.

The very best global companies are good at all three.

Inspiring others is a function of organisational culture, personal character and pure leadership.

Yet the more one explores best practices for hiring superior executive leaders, the more one appreciates how the unpleasant business of firing misfit or consistently under performing managers is nearly as consequential on enterprise performance.

Hiring is not a perfect science. The key is to turn management recruiting into a source of competitive advantage and a force multiplier as great leaders in turn attract other great leaders. Bad hires will happen. It's important to recognise that and to learn about their genesis to reduce the risk of repeating past missteps. But over the longer term, how a company deals with bad hires will in many ways influence its culture, brand and performance.

There are few things that will drain a high performing leader of his or her energy and morale so quickly nor lead them more consistently to question their own role in the organisation if they see no one taking action on a cultural misfit or outright lousy performer.

The old adage is indeed true. One bad apple does spoil the bunch. And as with any marriage, what may result is "for better or for worse."

This business environment demands accountability, commitment and focus from every function, every employee. No enterprise can afford to see their human capital and performance potential sapped by their failure to take action on someone who clearly isn't carrying their weight and who pay be poisoning the well of corporate culture.

Celebrating key hires is an important enterprise rite. But with it comes the responsibility to rectify those instances when, for whatever reason, the parties to the hiring decision didn't get it quite right, the individual simply doesn't measure up to his or her promise, and/or they're no longer the right fit with the team.

Offers one experienced HR leader: "The right time to act on a bad hire is the very first time you think about doing it." Time is of the essence. Don't delay.
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